Teaching Schedule

Following is Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche's 2010 teaching schedule for Europe and the U.S.

Each year Rinpoche maintains an intensive teaching schedule, traveling to Europe, Asia, the U.S. and Canada. Those interested in arranging for Rinpoche to teach should please contact: samtentseretreat@gmail.com.

European Tour 2010 - Spring

1st April Tibet House Barcelona
Telephone: (34)
Web: http://www.casadeltibetbcn.org
2-5th April Dag Shang Kagyu, Spain
Email: dagshangkagyu@yahoo.es
Web: www.dskbudismo.com
Telephone: (00 34) 974347009
7, 8th April Rigpa Berlin, Germany
Email: info@rigpa-zentrum-berlin.de
10-13th April Samten Tse Germany, Bremen
Telephone: +49 4217082406
Email: samtentse.germany@web.de
16-18th April Rangjung Yeshe Gomde, Denmark
Email: programs@gomde.dk
Web: www.gomde.dk
20, 21st April Samten Tse Denmark, Copenhagen
Telephone: +45 26 17 74 80
Email: info@samtentse.dk
Web: www.samtentse.dk
24-27th April Karma Tashi Ling, Norway
29th April-2nd May Danakosha, Helsinki, Finland
Web: www.danakosha.fi
5, 6th May Kagyu Dzong Paris
Email: contact@kagyu-dzong.org
8-11th May Vajradharaling, France
(Ocean of Definitive Meaning)
Email: contact@vajradharaling.org
12-16th May Vajradharaling, France (Dorsem)
Email: contact@vajradharaling.org
18, 19th May Association Bouddhiste Tibetaine,
, France
Telephone: +33 6 17 49 38 55
Email: institutrimetektchentcheuling@live.fr
Web: www.mogchokrinpocheasso.fr
21-23rd May Benchen Karma Kamtsang, Poland
Web: www.benchen.org.pl

U.S. Tour 2010

Following is a partial schedule for Rinpoche's 2010 U.S. teaching tour. More dates will be added as they become available.

25-27th June Lotus Garden Study Group of Santa Fe
Udall Center on Museum Hill,
Santa Fe, NM
For more information, please contact:
Frank Kilmer
Email: fkilmer@earthlink.net
Telephone: 1-505-982-2910
29-30th June Karma Thegsum Chöling (KTC)
Shamong, NJ
Telephone: 609.268.3341
Email: info@ktcnj.org
2-4th July Three Rivers Dharma Center
Pittsburgh, PA
9-11th July The Evam Institute in New York
Telephone: 518.392.6900
Email: office@evam.org
15-25th July Shedra Program at
Lotus Garden
Stanley, VA
Telephone: 540.778.2405
Email: registration@lotusgardens.org
30th July - 1st August Shambhala Mountain Center
Red Feather Lakes, CO
Telephone: 888.STUPA-21
Email: callcenter@shambhalamountain.org
6-8th August San Francisco, CA
University of California Berkeley, Lipman Room
**** CANCELED****
20-22nd August Entering the Mahayana
Lotus Garden

Stanley, VA
Telephone: 540.778.2405
Email: registration@lotusgardens.org
27th August-12th September Künzang Gongpa Zangthal
(Hosted by Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche)
Lotus Garden
Stanley, VA

European Tour 2010 - Fall

23-26th September Samten Tse Prague, Czech Republic
Web: http://www.samtentse.cz
28, 29th September Tibet Center I.I.H.T.S.Vienna, Austria
Web: http://www.tibetcenter.at
1-3rd October Rigpa Lerab Ling, France
Web: http://www.lerabling.org
5, 6th October Institute d'Etudes du Dharma Aix-en-Provence, France
Email: jkraix@gmail.com
8-11th October Samten Tse Athens, Greece
Web: http://www.samtentse.gr


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